Microsoft brings night mode to Outlook

This topic Microsoft bring night mode to the Outlook appeared on Engadget.

I brought a Microsoft feature night mode to the e-mail service Outlook on the web today, it has been suggested to bring this feature to the Outlook earlier this month, she has provided water for a temporary period in the celebrations of Halloween last year. Now the company has brought this feature for a lasting, so appear strictly higher than the version of Halloween, with the appearance of a blue grey.

Microsoft said to reduce the Visual stress that is felt by the users during the use of Outlook was one of the most important principles that prompted the company to design night mode, she added that many of the email clients on the web they were trying to review the night mode.

Think night mode for the Outlook one of the most requested features, the company said it has redesigned the color version of Halloween several times before the launch of the Permanent version today. I have listed Microsoft also a switch inside the emails folder to be able to turn off the night mode if there is difficulty in reading the letters.

Is used service Outlook by more than 400 million active users, Microsoft has launched recently a new design and features multiple Calendar, Contacts, and will be launching the new design today along with Night mode.


This topic Microsoft bring night mode to the Outlook appeared on Engadget.

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