Microsoft cancels games built-in with Windows systems

I gave Microsoft already users of versions of Windows older some hints indirect that it is now time to remove the things that are dear to their hearts which would come integrated with operating systems of the company such as card games, where the giant programs, close as many of online games for people using Windows 7 and earlier versions, including backgammon and Checkers and Hearts and Reversi and Spades and MSN Go.

Your inability to have access to those games will depend initially on the version of Windows your own, the first to lose access would be users of Windows XP and windows ME, for them to tell me games that are compatible (everything except MSN Go) in just days, namely on July 31, 2019, will be the users of the Windows 7 grace period is short, where they will have access to the game of backgammon, checkers, spades, and MSN Go until January 22, 2020, or after about a week of the end of Microsoft mainstream support for Windows 7 itself.

Microsoft advises to upgrade to Windows 10

مايكروسوفت تقوم بإلغاء الألعاب المدمجة مع أنظمة التشغيل ويندوزMicrosoft cancels games built-in with Windows operating systems

There must be solutions to get access to these games so if you’re determined to play something on the PC is older, you can upgrade to Windows 10 and play something from the App Store by Microsoft, it is surprising that the support for the games did not end earlier, though Microsoft has stopped regular maintenance for Windows XP and ME years ago, but it was the online games on those platforms available it can be played.

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