Microsoft choose to add a special button boovis to consoles

Discover one of the developers of the company Microsoft choose to add a special button pack apps (Office) Office Office to keyboards, in order to facilitate work on them.

Deployment developer – who called himself the name of The Walking Cat – in a tweet on Twitter a photo of the outfit, said: “the concept of button office”, and the image button has the logo of the package office, so Style button (Windows) present on the keyboard, which bears the logo of Windows.

Published Walking Cat another image to replace the request to answer some questions related to Balzers, which reveal that it will serve to add some shortcuts, such as: the ability to share documents and files quickly.

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It appears from the questionnaire that Microsoft aims to make the button an alternative button (Windows) secondary, which is located in the right of some keyboards, or a button dedicated to the lists. In the questionnaire – which requires a Microsoft account, private schools and business to access it – I asked the Microsoft testers for their desire to see the button Ad-Hoc on the laptops.

It appears from the questionnaire and also that Microsoft Choose button (office) in the latest version of the Windows operating system, which is the (update Windows 10 for the month of May 2019) Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Referred to that Microsoft imposed on the devices that will use Windows operating system to add a custom button to the system on consoles, so since 25 years, and in some keyboards there are two keys for Windows.


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