Microsoft confirms that the Pirates and the Russians use of IoT devices to infiltrate networks

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Group of Russian piracy backed by state of the procedures poor security for the Internet of Things ( Internet Of Things ) to private networks of companies, at least according to Microsoft. Revealed the American company that the researchers of the center of threats and intelligence of Microsoft discovered attempts of piracy for companies that use the devices of the Internet of things common, including phones, VOIP, printers, office devices, video surveillance. In some cases, not to these pirates break the password, it used only a password the default that come with those devices.

Attributed Microsoft these attacks to a group called Strontium, known also by other names such as Fancy Bear, and APT28. In the case if you remember, it was a Fancy Bear is a Russian group subsidized by the state, which was responsible for hacking the DNC in 2016, and attempts to register the various data to U.S. officials and attempts to influence the elections in the European Union earlier this year. Enable Microsoft to identify the attacks in the early stages, however, remain the goals of the group is not clear. The most obvious is that the devices of the Internet of Things has become entry points for hackers, allowing them to search for a way to network.

On this subject, stated Microsoft by saying : ” Having access to each device of the devices of the Internet of things, he directed the supervisors to hack tcpdump to trace the network traffic on the subnet local. Has been seen also they are listing the administrative groups for attempts to exploit the most. While supervisors move from one device to another, they could drop the tool as simple as a script ( shell ) to prove their constant presence on the network allowing them to access the extended continue to catch the victims. Analysis of the network traffic that the devices were also related to a server external control “.

Microsoft said it’s already handed 1400 to notify those who have been targeted by Strontium. Most of the attacks targeting the government sectors, Information Technology and military defense, medicine, education and engineering. However, targeted attacks one out of every five attacks of non-governmental organizations and centres of intellectual and political groups all over the world.

The company encourages Microsoft now products to protect their networks by securing devices, Internet of Things own. It should also be noted that Microsoft Corporation supports the goal of the alliance the FIDO Alliance of the establishment of a new security system. not based on passwords for the Internet Of Things.

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