Microsoft confirms the advent of the Xbox Game Pass to the personal computers PC

Xbox Game Pass

Provide Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft subscribers access to a library of more than 100 game on the Xbox. Players can play these games whenever they want, as long as they are in service. This has been the claim of Microsoft to bring this service to the personal computers PC, and it seems that the company decided to respond to these requests as they confirmed today that they will be bringing Xbox Game Pass for personal computers.

Will adopt the same concept on personal computers also. Participants will be able to access the ” library organization ” with more than 100 games for personal computers of many of the developers first and third party such as Xbox Games Studios and Bethesda and Sega.

Service will provide Xbox Game Pass on the personal computers of participants with unlimited access to more than 100 games from third-party developers on staff. The company also said it intends to include new games of Xbox Game Studios in the day is the launch of the service to players. Participants will also get discounts at the Microsoft Store Store on the web up to 20 percent on new games currently available in its library and up to 10 percent on DLC and add-ons.

There are some details that are not revealed by Microsoft at the moment. For example, the company has not clarified whether service Xbox Game Pass will be the same price on the personal computers. Moreover, they did not remember us as well what if a subscription to one allows users to access the Xbox Game Pass on the personal computers and Xbox alike. However, we expect that reveal to US company Microsoft for more details on this topic in education conference annual E3 2019 to be held in the next month.


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