Microsoft considering acquisition application to TikTok in the United States

According to a source close to the company Microsoft, the technology giant’s thinking in the acquisition on the operations of the application to TikTok in the United States, in a deal that will give the company a new floor and wide in the world of social media at the time of thinking about the management of Trump in the Prohibition of the application of the Chinese in the United States, which gives the app a new opportunity to continue in the United States.

But on another side I didn’t know any of the two companies officially on the talks possible, although the issuance of the word from Fox News about the interest in Microsoft’s application earlier.

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The application of the TikTok of a wider application of Chinese prevalent in the United States, specifically after the purchase of the company ByteDance Chinese to buy Inc in 2017, which is what the management of Trump and some of the security services a threat to national security and citizens ‘ fears of the collection of information about citizens Americans in favor of China, which was denied by the police on more than one occasion explained that although the presence of the headquarters of the company in China only that, due to spread out the industry of the United States based in the United States and his company for further action to please the American government.


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