Microsoft considering acquisition of the development company Japanese

Microsoft Studios

Through a new article on Gamesindustry, confirmed Mr. Phil Spencer head of Department of Xbox and games windows have Microsoft American that he is thinking about the acquisition of the development team of a Japanese and annexed to the company’s fleet current:

I think it would be good if we found a development team asian, japanese specifically, let’s put it to us. I was elated when we had some activity at the level of the First party in Japan. We have a small team there (currently), but I think we can do more.

Well, what is the development team that may take them Microsoft of Japan, you see? It is certain that Microsoft needs to find a partner to approve the acquisition and with the consent of the parties, because the laws in Japan make the process of acquisition of a forced Hostile Takeover of a foreign company is almost impossible.

Microsoft has expanded the Game Studios have dramatically recently, and that in order to promote the Game Pass to make it synonymous sites in the world of video games.

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