Microsoft considering Support button a real special boovis in consoles

Featuring keyboard any computers running Windows that there is a special button that holds the Windows logo is used to open the Start menu and support for multiple tests, Microsoft aspires to put a new button of its own a button office to run the package Office applications easily.

Button office will work with the other buttons on the form select the tracks directly by clicking on it open the Programs Office various like convertxtodvd+w opens WordPress and so on. And still Microsoft is in the process of studying the proposed terms of published a special questionnaire by the middle of the office, it is likely that the button comes in office instead of the Windows button or the side menu button.

With that the questionnaire contains user login via Microsoft account for students or staff to answer about it, except that it also includes a question about the possibility of placing the button in the laptops also.

Currently choose Microsoft this button programmatically through Update May 2019 in Windows 10 with a variety of choices.

Recall that Microsoft started to develop and support the Windows button since 1994 where it was then the Start menu part of a revolution of the operating system by creating a special button was easier for users to access it especially from those who find it difficult to move the mouse, such as beginner.

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