Microsoft decides to close the project reality helmet virtual own source for Xbox

Oculus Rift

After successfully Sony on to achieve great success with a helmet virtual reality Playstation VR, asked a lot of company Microsoft launched a helmet virtual reality. Mr. Mike Nichols, the main person responsible for the marketing of the games in the company micro in the month of last June that Microsoft does not think the launch of the helmet virtual reality own for the Xbox in the near future. And now, a new report reveals that Microsoft was working on a helmet of virtual reality, but decided to abandon the project in waiting for the arrival of better technology.

The report from the website CNet revealed that Microsoft is working on a helmet of virtual reality to Xbox, but eventually decided to put an end to this project until the technology provides better.

Reportedly, it was Microsoft communicates with developers over the past two years in order to develop games for helmet virtual reality that she was working on the police most likely. The report does not mention the specifications of this helmet but it says that the screen quality was good, but it is not comparable to the companies used in the helmets of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Believes that Microsoft produces the wireless technology better are more cost effective. This means that Microsoft want to launch a full product does not require users to buy wireless adapters separate, or separate speakers require wires and multiple. Needless to say, Microsoft has not yet commented on the report did not provide any further statement about its plans for virtual reality on the Xbox.


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