Microsoft demanding that the laws of organization of face recognition technology

iPhone X

Used facial recognition technology for a multitude of purposes, and may be useful in some cases. For example, we share security features such as Face ID on the phone iPhone X depend on the facial recognition technology to spy on phone user to unlock the device. However, at the same time there are many people who are concerned about the extent of respect this technology to the privacy of its users.

In fact, she Microsoft the same about some of the concerns about the use of this technique, and recently submitted a proposal to the U.S. Congress for its implementation. This does not mean that Microsoft’s cooperation of facial-recognition technology, but based on the company’s statement, it seems you want a system may help deter or prevent the misuse of this technology.

According to Microsoft, has stated that : ” facial recognition technology raises issues bring out the essence of the protection of fundamental human rights such as privacy and freedom of expression. Increase these problems the responsibility of the technical companies that create these products. In our view, we also call to regulate the Government of a deliberate and develop rules around the use of accepted “.

And Microsoft also it may seem strange to call on the government to regulate the uses of this technology, and therefore referred to the automotive sector, where led to laws established by governments to respect basic safety standards at all the existing cars on the roads now, such as seat-belts and airbags.


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