Microsoft developed a light version of the size of Windows 10

Will include a major update coming for Windows 10 for a watered-down version of the operating system for computers and tablets that come with the storage space is relatively small compared to computers, desktop or portable.

Windows 10 best agile Lean edition will provide by Microsoft for manufacturers to put in their organs that come with the storage space starts from 16 GB only at a minimum. Included Microsoft to send updates to the operating system, but also take into account storage space low, therefore, does not consume a lot of data.

And discover one of the users that Microsoft sent the Lite version updated with Windows 10, which carries the number of construction 17650 comes to providing 2 GB of storage space is necessary in the public copy of pro or home.

Microsoft provides this storage space through the removal of features and components that you don’t need usually tablet devices and portable low technical specifications, such as Internet Explorer and old and the registry regedit and other applications which are not needed by the user where they are removed to save space.

This host Microsoft partner new users in emerging countries and match the portable or tablet with the storage capacity of the low for a suitable Android or a chrome book there.

Expected to reveal the company for more details about this release at the Developers Conference next the beginning of next may we’ll call you we should certainly.


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