Microsoft developed computers folding with the joints of the working fluid

Revealed the new company Microsoft work laptop dual screen the joints that use liquid to reduce the pressure on the screens of the flexible and collapsible.

Talk leaks to the giant US software working on a computer, the young duo – who introduced him at a meeting indoor held earlier this year – two years ago, and is expected to reveal more details related to during the event scheduled on 2 October next.

As the new patent computer-related bilateral the screen, then on the mechanism to fill the liquid inside the cavities around the screen flexible to help in bending them and moving them in different locations. It presents the example of Microsoft in the patent device by two separate screen a flexible OLED covered on both sides.

Illustrate your patent number of concepts to the joints of the complex with the structure “to prevent foreign material from entering between the joints”. This of the problems suffered by Microsoft Corporation in the initial units of its smartphone folding the first: (Galaxy Fuld), which forced her to pull the samples, and the design of the device in a manner that prevents the entry of material below the screen of the short ones.

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It is believed that the most interesting part in the file of a patent that is subject to special licensing with Microsoft, which indicates that the company will license this technology to other partners, makers of computers. Microsoft works at the moment with Intel, and a number of original equipment manufacturers OEMs to equip the new version of Windows, the name (Windows Lite), Windows Lite, targeting computers, folding, and dual screen.

Referred to file the patent does not disclose a device intended to technology, it is unlikely that Microsoft has for computer dual-screen during the event scheduled early next month in New York City of America.

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