Microsoft developed tablet surface to compete with iPad



With that the market for tablets in the worst case does not suffer from a continuous decline since the years, however, Apple recently made a new version of the iPad at a cheaper price exists for the education sector, mainly, Microsoft wants competition.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Microsoft is working on a tablet with the surface will be smaller and cheaper than computers surface well-known and running Windows 10 Pro.

The new tablet will be from the leadership of the 10-inch edges of the circular arched supports charging via USB Port-C and most of all this is that it will be available at a price of $ 400 to compete with the iPad, which became available at a starting price of 329 dollars, is expected to launch during the second quarter.

You can’t compare the tablet surface with an surface well-known being for a different category and even you think within a different classification. Tablet surface the boat will be lighter by about 20% but its battery is smaller reduce his working hours by about 4 hours.

But features tablet that works with Intel processors and processor graphics integrated supports run all the apps Windows 10 Pro. Version will be available which supports communication networks fourth generation, which is becoming even computers Surface Pro have this support.

The new governor of the tablet devices so it won’t come with a real keyboard or a pen, but Microsoft is working on a cheaper version of the accessory that supports the new tablet can be purchased separately as optional.

Of course, availability of the tablet surface at half the price of the computers Surface Pro would diversify the lineup, which is becoming supplied by Microsoft from the computers as well as expansion segments of new users to both the educational sector and schools, or even for personal use.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft already not portable in the launch of tablets cheap from the service six years ago and it was priced at $ 500 with the Surface RT and even the surface 2 and 3 but did not succeed.

Sold Apple during the past year, 44 million iPad has made income of 20 million, a huge figure compared with devices from Microsoft as the full revenues 4,4 billion over the same period.

Recall that the shipments of computers revelation in the world amounted to 33 million units during the first quarter of the year, but projections indicate further decline in the second quarter to reach about 31 million tablets.


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