Microsoft developed the game Minecraft Earth with augmented reality

In conjunction with the tenth year to release a game of the famous Minecraft, Microsoft revealed about the arrival of game sales to 176 million copies on all platforms, and new in the repertoire of the company a new version of the name of the Minecraft Earth with augmented reality on the way to the Pokemon atmosphere.

Will be available for game Minecraft Earth free on Android and iPhone and works with the same principle of the famous by building the World Ocean through the cubes, but this time the export of actual fact in addition elements of the game, as well as fight monsters and interact with what is established by the other players.

Will be available in the game by trial closed this summer, the day can register to get an invitation to from the comfort.

As expected the game would use the capabilities of cloud computing the surrounding of Azure with integration and support platform PlayFab.

Achieved game Pokemon Joe the success of the sweeping not only among its audience of old, but even new players who have been exposed to it for the first time the pattern of augmented reality, it is likely that the same will happen with Minecraft.

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