Microsoft did not yet reform of the security vulnerability discovered in Windows 7 by Google


Inform Google regularly for critical security vulnerabilities discovered in various platforms. I was recently on the vulnerabilities of the type ” Zero-Day ” was not known before, and one of them was affecting Google Chrome browser, while affecting other system Windows 7. The company reported that it has been exploiting every loophole. As for Google itself, it has launched a update to plug the security vulnerability for the browser Google Chrome, but Microsoft has yet to issue the update that says the same thing for Windows 7.

It was the Pirates who exploit these security vulnerabilities to send malicious code to users who are not familiar with it. The company Google has released the update to plug the security vulnerability for the browser Google Chrome, it also encouraged users to update browsers Google Chrome their own immediately to stay protected.

It was a loophole the zero-day that was discovered in Windows 7 enables the hacker to execute malicious code on the system. Google it I found that the version 32bit of Windows 7 is the only one that suffers from this vulnerability. It is likely that older versions of Windows suffer from the same danger.

Google they informed the company to bring the basis of Microsoft of this vulnerability when it was discovered that the latter reported that it is working on a solution to bridging that gap Security. It’s been ten days since detected these vulnerabilities and fix up after. However, he told the Microsoft website The Verge that they are committed to the verification of the security problems that threaten their clients which have been reported, and release updates that solve these problems as soon as possible.


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