Microsoft: digital control is the best way to reduce costs and increase revenue

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A study carried out by the company Microsoft recently about the States of the region that nearly half of the companies of the Gulf considers the current infrastructure information and communication technology is old and in need of development.

Najib said user a project manager of cloud computing solutions has Microsoft Gulf: “You’ve reached the modern technologies such as cloud computing andInternet of things to the stage of maturity integrated now, and began regional organizations to give serious consideration to these solutions as a way to achieve digital transformation to face the new global challenges, will be able to these techniques to reduce costs and increase revenue so dramatically, as to raise the level of infrastructure regularly helps companies save millions of dollars that can be customized to increase productivity, I would like to mention that a sound infrastructure is essential a must for all products on the difference of sizes in order to enhance operational efficiency”.

Microsoft has through research conducted by asking participants from nearly 1,000 organizations of the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council a series of questions about digital transformation, the results revealed that nearly half of the companies increased by 49.5 percent expressed that the information technology infrastructure of their own old and need to add immediate improvements.

Showed with the study that 84 percent of the participants in this research are aware that digital transformation is the best way to reduce costs and increase revenue, while more than two out of every three, by 68 percent, they planned to invest 5 percent or more of their revenues in digital in 2018, while expressed one-third of those surveyed increased by 32 percent they will invest more than 5 percent of their revenues in creating new ways to promote their business through digital means.

The study also showed that 83 percent of the institutions familiar with the varying terms of the digital transformation and its importance and how to employ it, and considered other segment increased by 79 percent that the trend towards digital transformation is a top priority for the next year.

Microsoft: digital control is the best way to reduce costs and increase revenue

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