Microsoft does not think that the benefits of Thunderbolt safe enough for its computers

Surface Pro LTE

Recently, we began to see more of the computers adopt a suitable Thunderbolt 3. This comes in the wake of the renounced manufacturers of computers on traditional outlets and replacing it with a USB Type-C/Thunderbolt 3 which will accept the replacement and use the same cable. However, if there was one company decided not to take this step, they are Microsoft.

So why the hesitation? Not provided Microsoft Corporation after a formal reason why, but the last tweet of WalkingCat revealed that during a presentation internally, said one of the Microsoft employees that the company’s engineers do not believe that a separate Thunderbolt safe enough.

According to an employee at Microsoft, has stated by saying : ” If you are able to upgrade the memory… what you can do easily is to freeze the memory with liquid nitrogen, the output of the memory, then put it in the reader a certain… then you can access all the data that has been loaded into memory. This is the reason that the memory on all Surface devices not upgradeable actually, due to the safety. We want to make sure that the memory can not be tampered with “.

As we have said, depended other companies like Apple long ago on the Thunderbolt 3, which makes Microsoft one of the few companies that decided not to help the car sector. The company refused to comment on the video, so if you are hoping to see the edges of the installation Surface with the appropriate Thunderbolt in the near future, it may not be appropriate for you to raise your hopes.

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