Microsoft does not want its employees to use Slack and Google Docs, and ask them to use their services

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You say Microsoft creates a lot of products and custom services to enhance productivity, but given that everyone is targeting this category of products and services, it is not surprising to find that there are plenty of free alternatives available which offer the same features and services provided by Microsoft solution. We believe that Microsoft much prefer if he used people to their products, as a result, we are not surprised when we learned that the company banned the use of a range of competing products in its offices.

According to a new report released recently from the website GeekWire, it appears that he managed to get reason of the list of Microsoft’s internal programs and technologies prohibited or that do not encourage their employees to use it, a list that includes apps like Slack and Google Docs and other services to other competition. Despite the fact that Microsoft has to ban these services as being suitable, except that the company claim they do this for security reasons.

In reply on the reason for the Prohibition of the use of Slack, stated Microsoft by saying : ” versions of Slack Free Slack Standard and Slack Plus does not provide the controls required to protect the rights of ownership of the Microsoft properly. Users must present two of these solutions Relay Chat saved files related to the Microsoft to Microsoft Teams, which provide the same features and integration with Office 365 apps, and call meetings. Learn more about the additional features that can provide it for your work. A copy of Slack Enterprise Grid correspond to the requirements of the security to Microsoft, however, we encourage the use of Microsoft Teams rather than a suitable program “.

In case you haven’t heard about Microsoft Teams before, it is an application that was launched a few years ago as an alternative to develop Slack. As has been already mentioned, it is not surprising that prefer Microsoft to use its employees to the company’s application instead of the application areas.

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