Microsoft draws criticism for Google Stadia: they do not have sufficient content

Google Stadia

It was reported that Google has announced during GDC about the platform its cloud-based video games under the name of Google’s Stadia, and is the area that will allow players to broadcast receivers of the games and play them in the cloud until the display resolution 4K and at 60 frames, and strongly graphical processing come 10.7 teraflops.

There is no doubt that companies such as Sony Interactive development with the platform to Playstation Now, and Microsoft Platform Project xCloud will be one of the biggest competitors for Google, and Microsoft have shown a willingness to compete quickly with reference to the weakness of Google’s platform, at least according to what he sees Mike Nichols, administrative marketing, and who told the network The Telegraph that Google lacks the content:

Competitors rising like Google have the infrastructure, they have the community via YouTube, but they lack content.

As Mike noted also to the non-owning Google for your own:

You may not need to your custom games over time, but the experience is better, it is still available with the processing power of the hardware specialist.

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