Microsoft Edge browser now supports the desktop version on iOS

متصفّح إيدج على iOS يدعم الآن إصدار سطح المكتب

Periodically releases Microsoft updates the browser by the edge on different operating systems, especially Android and iOS, and the latest version of the browser has hit the iOS system, has come with the feature to open the site desktop, where during the last years it turns out that web sites phone download enough information through which I don’t have to users of smart phones to switch to the desktop.

But to give a chance to browse the largest information more, Microsoft has launched this feature on the browser, and specifically on the version of Microsoft Edge 42.7.3, and in the same context, the company has indicated that water will be made available soon on the system to other Android.

In terms of access to this property, then open the site and went to work the full “desktop version” simply put tape across the bottom you will see a new icon gives you the opening page of the desktop, finally with this new feature, there are also a range of fixes and improvements to performance and speed of the browser.

Download Microsoft Update for edge from here.

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