Microsoft Edge Chromium vs Google Chrome: which browser is best?

Edge browser based on the Open Source Chromium browser was introduced in mid-January. You can download it at this link. In this article I propose to consider all its advantages and to compare with the main competitor Google Chrome. Edge I use the second day, it was enough to understand all of its features. I have to say, to abandon the Edge, I now don’t even think simply because he is in all respects better than Google Chrome. So, let’s start.

Edge or Chrome?

I would start my story with the fact that it is very big difference between the Chrome Edge and you will not feel, nevertheless the fact that they created based on one browser, makes itself felt. New Edge is available to users of Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. The first thing I immediately noticed is the fact that Microsoft has particularly come to the question of confidentiality of data. In the browser settings you can activate features that prevent tracking websites user actions. Here is how describes the company:

Web sites use tracking tools to collect information about the browsing. Websites can use this information to improve the sites and display content such as personalized advertising. Some tracking tools collect and send your data to sites you have not visited.

The browser allows you to block such tracking by offering three degrees: basic, balanced and strict. Main lock allows for most of the monitoring tools on all sites, content and advertising will be personalized, blocked only the known threat monitoring capabilities. Balanced mode the lock is activated by default and blocks tracking sites you visited, the content and the advertising will be less personalized. In strict lockdown browser blocks most of the trackers from all the sites, content, and advertising will be personalized is minimal.

I decided to stay on a strict lock as it allows you to completely disable ads on all sites. While running an ad blocker slightly worse than the extension AdBlock, since ads remain empty region. But it is worth noting that due to the lack of advertising sites are around 2 times faster. And this feature is built into the browser itself. What’s the advantage? It’s simple. First, no need to download third-party solutions from the Internet in the form of extensions. Second, each extension is a separate process in the operating system, which consumes about 20-50 megabytes of memory. It is easy to check if to estimate how much Google Chrome consumes memory with the included extensions, and completely off — the difference in their considerable quantity would be substantial. And refusal AdBlock saves RAM.

Speaking of RAM, I compared the Chrome and Edge by running a single tab with the same web site. Edge is about 20% consumes less memory. When you start the second tab, a gap is also significant — about 15-20%. And, surprisingly, if you do not work with Edge at some point in time, in some magical way it reduces the consumption of RAM by 1.5-2 times, whereas Chrome consumes RAM regardless of whether you use the page or not.

The same applies to the CPU and graphics chip. Edge barely uses CPU resources, while Chrome gave for running two pages, sometimes up to 5% CPU utilization.

Another advantage of the Edge I would call the read mode by analogy with Safari. You can customize the background, font, font size and so on. In addition, it maintains a read-aloud with a selection of voice engine. This even Safari can offer.

Reader mode of the browser Edge

Text-to-speech in Edge

I liked the fact that it is possible enough flexibility to customize home screen, removing the unnecessary news feed MSN and other elements. Now my browser is clean and pleasant:

The main screen of the Microsoft Edge

As you might guess, the browser uses the Microsoft account. And if you are logged into the system, it recognizes it automatically. The possible Microsoft account match what Chrome offers in the issue of data synchronization.

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Edge of the box supports the dark theme, and it looks as cool as Chrome. In General, the design of the Edge ideal. It is better adapted to the increased size of the system font, my feeling is, it has a smooth and pleasant animation. In addition, for web developers Edge provides 3D View to see the z-index elements. Let us discuss this feature in the Telegram.


I tried a lot of browsers. Firefox, Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Opera, Brave. And while my choice in favor of Edge-based Chromium. Yandex and Opera have a lot of extra functionality, extra integrations and other debris. Perhaps, Yandex better job of preserving battery life, but over the past couple of years due to these integrations with the services began to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable. By the way, the same goes for Yandex, the main screen is overloaded with services. The same problem with Opera. Brave good due to the built-in ad blocking, but the main screen has flexible settings, Firefox is not Chromium that can be called drawback, but the Chrome, as you said, losing the Edge.

And what browser do you use and ready right now to go to the Edge? Share your opinion in the comments.

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