Microsoft employees contracting with them they also listen to recordings of the users of the Xbox


Digital assistants provide a lot of help to users, they allows them to get all information and access to an infinite number of data and information through voice commands only, but you could say that these digital assistants perfect? Well, it seems it is not so, they provide a lot of convenience to users, but they do not provide privacy, adequate.

We’ve heard recent reports about how companies start voice search the users while using the digital assistants two. I have been implemented by companies such as Apple and Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more recently, it seems that users of the Xbox may have been affected by this also.

This according to a recent report from the site of the Motherboard where the reputation of the contracting officers with whom they were listening to the recordings start audio that was made on the Xbox. Now, to clarify things, they didn’t spy on users, but they are supposed to listen to the recordings that were taken during use features that require voice commands in the Xbox, including digital assistant Cortana.

However, according to the staff of the contractor with them, can sometimes do it by mistake, allowing them to eavesdrop on recordings very special. Ever buy the Microsoft made clear to everyone how they plan to use more staff humans to continue the analysis of the recordings, so don’t expect to end this practice any time soon.

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