Microsoft establish data centers in the United Arab Emirates

The cloud services market Arab huge and grows increasingly, the large three ( Google, Amazon, Microsoft) to monitor it closely, and here’s Microsoft announces the launch of its data centres in the region through Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide various services to users.

This comes to support for the region to support the digital transformation in companies and some governments in the Middle East. Will the data centers of Microsoft in UAE cloud services platform Azure services and apps, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 in addition to other services in the areas of data analysis, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things.

Microsoft offers its service cloud to more than million users and 20 million businesses around the world. With the expansion of the Middle East, in the cloud services is expected to create more than 500 thousand new jobs, including more than 55 thousand jobs in the UAE alone until 2022.

Recall that Microsoft conducts several annual conferences specialized in cloud computing in the Arab region such as Cloud Roadshow held in Dubai for the first time in 2016, aims to promote cloud technologies among new developers in the Arab region and training them to use the latest tools available to them.

It is understood that Google is planning to launch its data centers in Saudi Arabia, and intends to Amazon opening the first centers in Bahrain during the current year.

According to statistics, Amazon controls more than 30% of cloud services market of the world, while Microsoft controls the 17% parking 9% almost, except that Microsoft and Google it they have high growth rates ranging from 80-90 percent per annum.

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