Microsoft feature allows calls in the application by Your Phone for everyone

After the experience of long months, the application to Your Phone from Microsoft supports the synchronization of calls between Android and Windows 10.

مايكروسوفت تُتيح ميزة المكالمات في تطبيقها Your Phone للجميعMicrosoft feature allows calls in their application YourPhone everyone

For the first time been announced to feature “calls” in the application Your Phone in the month of August last, and after two months has been their experience in the event Microsoft’s “Surface”, then we saw in the last version of the Windows 10 Insider, where by it enables users to make phone calls and receive them directly from the computer, and now the water has become officially available for everyone, in other words, have become available in the public version.

Anyway, as we have indicated through the call feature of the new users will be able Android to make calls directly from the computer, plus it will also show the record of calls and even transfer calls easily between your computer and phone to use the speakers and microphone in the computer to make phone calls.

Finally, to make these calls you need several conditions, the first Android phone running a version 7.0 the latest, so Windows 10 with Bluetooth technology, and of course you will need to apply Your Phone, whether on Android or the computer to complete the connection.


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