Microsoft finally reveal about the price of Xbox Game Pass for personal computers

Xbox Game Pass

Confirmed that Microsoft recently announced that it will be bringing Xbox Game Pass to personal computers. This service was launched for the first time on the Xbox and participants access to a library of more than 100 games as long as they keep paying for it. At the annual entertainment E3 2019 yesterday, Microsoft unveiled finally for the Xbox Game Pass for personal computers.

According to the site official of the company on the web, it will cost a Xbox Game Pass for personal computers is about 4.99 US dollars per month. May the company launches the beta version of this service later this year which will be ten games at least. Some of the games mentioned in the list include Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Gears 5.

During the trial period, you may not ask Microsoft only a one dollar a month for the service to become ready for distribution to all players with the knowledge that they will work the same way it works on the Xbox. Using Xbox Game Pass for personal computers, participants will be able to personal computers that are running Windows 10 of download the games from the library and running in a mode online loan. Promised Microsoft already that the library will have more than 100 games from more than 75 developers in the future.

I don’t doubt that Microsoft is a lot to say about the service in the foreseeable future with the knowledge that the events of the Entertainment Expo the annual E3 2019 just begun.

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