Microsoft get a contract worth $ 480 million with the US Army for helmet HoloLens


Microsoft will provide the U.S. Army a helmet the augmented reality HoloLens, which you will use in the tasks of training and combat. Reportedly, it has reached the value of the contract is about 480 million USD, this page is to provide the Microsoft company of the US Army up to 100 thousand units of the helmet augmented reality HoloLens.

Reveals a description of the government program that the goal behind this page is to increase the combat capability of the army the Americans by enhancing their ability to detect the enemy and his fighting with them before the enemy. Said a spokesperson in the name of the company to Microsoft to Bloomberg in an official statement that ” the augmented reality technology will provide soldiers with more information and better decision-making“, adding that this new contract expands the relationship of the company’s long-term relationship with the Pentagon.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that uses one of the army helmets HoloLens from Microsoft for training. Even the Zionist army used it before, but this is the first time that they use in combat. Has got Microsoft on this contract after a series of bids which was supposed to encourage companies that are not engaged in military action with the army. He also stated that the company Magic Leap, which dictates in turn the helmet augmented reality, competed for this contract.

The report issued from the website of Bloomberg pointed out that the helmet-the augmented reality that will be presented to the branch of the military in the US Army will be completely different from the helmet HoloLens current, they feature a night-vision user thermal. It is expected to ship Microsoft’s 2,500 units at least of this helmet for the US Army within the next two years.


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