Microsoft give a trillion dollars to sign more growth in the “cloud”

The company announced Microsoft on Wednesday announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2019. And because the results exceeded the expectations of the stock market “Wall Street” Wall Street, it plans to market capitalization of the company – briefly – the threshold of a trillion USD.

Said giant US software that it had achieved an unexpected increase in revenue of the Windows operating system, growth is rapid in its cloud, which reached sales of tens of billions of dollars.

And the price of Microsoft shares by 4.4% to 130.54 $ in the last hours of trading, after the company disclosed its forecast on a conference call with investors, also increased the market value of Microsoft to a trillion dollars, varying based on the value to Apple of $ 980 USD. It has managed these two companies, along with their Amazon, the probability of the first positions in the list of American companies listed, the most valuable in the world.

The shares of Microsoft have achieved gains by about 23% since the beginning of the current year, after that the price reached to a record level of $ 125.85 USD during normal trading hours.

It is indicated that Microsoft has experienced in the last five years a significant shift in strategy initiated by its chairman and current CEO (Satya Nadella). The new strategy to move from dependence on the Windows operating system – which was dominated by the work of Microsoft – to sell cloud services, as well as providing their services on different platforms, after that it was exclusive to Windows.

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Has become the cloud computing platform “Azure” Azure of Microsoft’s first contender for “Amazon Web Services” Amazon Web Services, namely, hosting business, private.

After the announcement of financial results, said the director of finance for Microsoft (Amy Hood) Investors: the company expects to see growth in the fourth fiscal quarter in the sections of the business responsible for Azure, and pack desktop applications “Office 365” Office 365.

Microsoft said the revenue for the license of windows to manufacturers of computers grew by 9% year on year, exceeding expectations after declining by 5% in the previous quarter. The income of “the cloud business” of Microsoft – which includes commercial use for Azure, Office 365, & LinkedIn – 9.6 billion in this quarter, an increase of 41% from a year earlier, but its a little low for a growth rate of 48% in the previous quarter.

Injection unit “productivity and the business” – which includes all of the programs office, and the network of social media LinkedIn – revenue amounted to 10.2 billion dollars.

As for the education groups that experienced by Microsoft, grew gaming revenues by 5% compared with 8% in the previous quarter, as revenue grew devices “Surface” Surface increased by 21% compared with 39% in the previous quarter.

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