Microsoft got the license allows it to work with Huawei

The company said Microsoft they got a license from the U.S. government to allow Huawei to use its software, after approval by the US Department of Commerce to request a Microsoft license allowing the air using its software.

In this week, said the administration of US President Donald Trump it would allow some American companies are appealing the deal with the Chinese company Huawei, which previously introduced the black list because of national security concerns the US.

Commerce Department confirmed that it began to issue licenses for American companies to sell goods and licenses to Huawei, while a US official said that the ministry received about 300 applications for licenses, have been approved half almost.

Not contain any products that are approved to sell and license its for Huawei, the largest company in the world for the manufacture of telecommunications equipment and the third largest maker of smart phones, said a person familiar with the process it’s approved some licenses for the sales of components for mobile phones and components non-electronic.

Waiting for Huawei to eagerly access Google a license from the US Department of Commerce to resume allow him to access the services of Google such as the App Store, and new versions of the Android operating system.

Source: Reuters

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