Microsoft has created a glass drive and together with Warner Bros. record a movie Superman

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Silica Project could be the future of storage.

For storage time is a challenge. Photos with time become faded, books deteriorate, even CDs and hard drives are not the best place to store digital memories. The researchers tried to overcome these problems in recent years and the result was the creation of glass storage. However, Microsoft is not the first who has developed this technology. Such developments have already shown scientists from the University of Southampton, as well as Hitachi.

Microsoft introduced a technology called Project Silica which data can be stored in glass. We worked with Warner Bros. and together they were able to record the original Superman film in 1978 in a glass rectangle the size 75х75х2 mm. This drive can accommodate 75.6 GB of data.

The company uses a conventional quartz glass, which has been thoroughly tested. Silica Project is designed to hold and protect a “cold” data, i.e. those that have long stored, but which are not so often turn.

Warner Bros. Silica is considering the Project as a way permanent, durable storage and create backups. The company is now engaged in the creation of an archive, converting digital back to analog format and separated into three color component, to transfer them to black-and-white negatives don’t fade, as do color film.

This is an expensive and complicated process, Microsoft engineers want to speed up the process and make it less costly. “If the Project drives Silica has been proven as inexpensive devices that can be of different sizes – although we understand that it is still early to talk about it – they would be happy to use not only other companies but also other industries,” – said Vicki Kolf, CTO of Warner Bros. “If it works for us, we believe that the technology will benefit and for everyone else who wants to preserve and archive the content.”

Microsoft uses infrared lasers to write data to the voxels (voxels) three – dimensional equivalent of the pixels that are used to display what we see on the screen. Data is stored in the glass, and machine learning algorithms can decode pattern to read the recorded data. If the company will succeed in the future we will store our data in the glass, and data centers will process petabytes of data using such drives.

Source: The Verge

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