Microsoft has released Xbox One’s without the optical drive

Евгений Коваленко

While Sony reveals the first details about its next-generation console, Microsoft announces the release of new versions of its existing consoles.

In fact, the main difference between the Xbox One’s All-Digital Edition from the regular version is the lack of Blue-ray drive for discs. It is possible to reduce the cost of the console to $249. The volume of internal storage of 1 TB. The other characteristics unchanged. Buyers novelties will be available as a bonus in the form of three games on the hard drive (Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and a Sea of Thieves), and the ability to get a Game Pass for three months for only one dollar.

Microsoft launches a combined subscription to Xbox Ultimate Game Pass. It includes the advantages of a subscription Game Pass and Live Gold, but if these two services must separately pay $10, via Game Pass Ultimate, you can save $5. The exact launch date of the new subscription is not specified.

Source: Xbox

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