Microsoft increase PC Huawei Mobile from her store

Become Microsoft is the latest company to take a position on the company, Huawei of China in a long string of technology companies that are based in the United States, which adhere to the executive order the new President Donald Trump to offer Chinese technology companies.

Pulled Google license the Android platform from Huawei over the weekend, but Microsoft has remained silent on whether it will prevent the Chinese company from obtaining licenses for the windows, refusing to provide any data about its location.

Is considered computer Huawei Mobile MateBook X Pro one of the best laptops that are running Windows available in the United States at the present time, but without a license for Windows, it will not be an alternative computer, MacBook Pro from Apple, or HP Specter x360, or Microsoft Surface.

It seems that Microsoft has stopped selling computers Huawei MateBook X Pro in the store over the internet after that to prevent the administration of President Donald Trump suppliers of the Americans from the sale of technology to Huawei.

Disappeared product page MateBook X Pro mysteriously, and lead search for devices Huawei to the appearance of any results in the Microsoft Store, but what can still be found on the page through the cached version of the search engine Google Cache with set the date of search during the past week.

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This may affect the Prohibition of Microsoft’s potential windows on solutions to the servers of Huawei, and both Microsoft and Huawei on cloud solution mixed group of Microsoft Azure servers using Huawei Treaty of Microsoft.

And Intel and Qualcomm to follow the orders of the government of America, although Huawei has developed its smart and its the season, but Intel provide it with server processors for computers, laptops, reports indicate that Huawei was to store the chips, so they are ready for such a ban for three months.

And Huawei in recent years alternatives for both Windows and Android, but it is not clear how the development of these operating systems, it was Richard Yu Richard Yu, CEO, Huawei has recently revealed that the company prefers to work with systems of Google and Microsoft.

Got Huawei grace period of 90 days from the US Commerce Department called for American suppliers to continue providing updates for Phones Huawei operating system Android, and to maintain the continued operation of network equipment current.

But it is clear that this grace period does not apply to licenses for Windows computers and laptops, and are invested in their products than the present.

Announced that Huawei, they will remain in the current time notebooks running Windows Windows existing partners Huawei for retail sale, and will also continue to provide security updates and after-sales service of the products.

Recall that ZTE Corporation ZTE of China was forced to shut down its operations last year after it led the US trade embargo – due to their violation of the sanctions imposed on Iran and North Korea – to make them suffer.

Although the United States lifted the ban after a lapse of three months, but the reputation of ZTE ZTE and its brand has been severely damaged as a result.

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