Microsoft integrates its services in a new application of photo

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When I raised Microsoft the white flag and decided to bring down the system Windows phone from their accounts after failure in getting any part of the cake of operating systems of smart phones, the focus of the company from time to submit the application the name of the company, suitable for systems operating most prevalent, such as Android and iPhone OS.

The company already has several separate applications, WordPress was the fallow PowerPoint on Apple stores and Google, but the last attempts is to include all these applications in one copy only allows to deal with types of three files .

In short, instead of downloading separate versions of the three tools common to help you create documents and edit them, in addition to spreadsheets and presentations, you can now find everything you need in one place and apply one, Microsoft says it will be much less space on your phone .

But most importantly, that the app combines the features of the enhanced productivity in the group office office so you can complete all your work without switching between different tools.

The app is available in version Review trial Android and any OS

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