Microsoft introduces Chromium Edge for Windows 7 and 8

The company issued Microsoft the day the first preview version of the next generation browser by the web (the Microsoft Edge) labeled (Chromium Edge), so that this customized version of the operating systems Windows 7; Windows 8; and Windows 8.1.

You can download a preview version through the site (the Microsoft Edge Insider), which was launched by Microsoft earlier in order to allow users to access a copy of the first preview of the browser (the Microsoft Edge) of the new document to the encases (Chromium).

Microsoft had built in the month of December the development of (Chromium Edge) for computers desktop, announced that it will open between updates (Edge) and updates the Windows 10.

He said the software giant: The (Edge) is coming to all supported versions of the operating systems Windows; and Mac.

The company issued in the month of April, the first preview version of the browser (Chromium Edge) operating system Windows 10 across three different channels: (Developer), and (Beta), and (Canary), in order to take an early look at how the change (Edge), but for 64-bit in English only.

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With the current version, the Microsoft fulfilled its promise, Providing a preview version of (Chromium Edge) for all the major platforms working on the computers desktop.

In spite of the brand that combines Microsoft’s operating system Linux (Linux), but they didn’t mention it in the ads (Edge), with the continued rumours about the existence of the version of the browser for Linux.

The company said: the provision of next-generation web browser (the Microsoft Edge) for all version of Windows supported is part of our goal to improve the web browsing experience to our customers on every device, enabling developers to build new experiences at the lowest buy possible.

She said, “You will have (the Microsoft Edge) of the same product updated Always and the same developer tools for all versions of windows; and Mac supported, this will reduce confusion for web developers, with a guarantee that all Windows clients on the latest design options”.

And Microsoft to copy (Chromium Edge) for my OS Window 7; the Windows 8 is substantially similar to the version of the Windows 10 operating system, but there are some known problems, including the lack of support for the dark; and as there is no support for login to (Azure AD).

Recall that the company does not only provide a channel (Canary) for my OS Window 7; the Windows, told the panel: will the channel (Developer) to the previous version of Windows soon, despite the fact that Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 7 in January next.

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