Microsoft introduces new improvements for Windows 10

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مايكروسوفت تطرح تحسينات جديدة لنظام ويندوز 10

Company Microsoft working on major update of the following system operating Windows Windows 10, therefore, promulgated the giant software version preview new 17713 contain a lot of new features, it also indicated that it will soon reach a new stage of development, where she said: “We’re approaching the point in the development cycle where the focus will be on stability in the Redstone 5”, so that it represents Redstone 5 update for Windows 10 that the company plans for its release later this year, which means that it will not be adding new features, but will focus work on improving existing things.

Includes preview version of the new targeted computers and improvements to the browser Edge and the application Notepad Notepad and Remote Desktop Remote Desktop and login and application protection Windows Defender and E-Ink, the company has released five major updates so far is to update the month of November and update anniversary update and the creators Creators and update Fall Creators and update April 2018.

Recall that the program “Windows insider” for Windows Insider lets see him take advantage of the features of the new beta before publication and access to the rest of the devices via the stable version, the box, Microsoft released copy of the preview of the ripple of the operating system Windows 10, which it considers to be service more than a system to run a final allowing him to follow adding improvements and changes.

Received browser edge controls in AutoPlay media for each site, which means that you can now control the permissions AutoPlay on a site by site basis by clicking on the information icon or the lock icon on the left side of the address bar and press the “Manage permissions”, there is also a function of the new dictionary, so you can search for definitions when reading a web page or document by choosing the one word, or even to read the word aloud to hear the correct pronunciation, and the PDF reader within the browser options are improved to buy the tools, and the ability to install the toolbar, And evaluation of reforms of performance.

And the application Notepad Notepad improvements with respect to the search and replace, with the possibility to remember the values and transactions that were previously entered in the check boxes, and fill dialog box to automatically search for the limit, as the app includes offline options to enlarge the text, in addition, now you can watch the numbers of lines and columns when you activate the option word wrap, has been improved performance when opening large files, and pressing Ctrl + Backspace delete the previous word, as for to fix the errors, becoming the arrow keys you now deselect the text first correctly and then move the cursor, No longer save a file in Notepad resets the line numbers and columns to 1, as is shown, the lines are not appropriate for work.

Can now for users of Azure Active Directory and Active Directory who use Windows Hello for Business use biometrics to authenticate a session through Remote Desktop, where you need to run the application Remote Desktop Connection and then typing the name of the case that you want to connect and click Connect, and in case you log on using Windows Hello for Business, you will be given the option to use it again, you can also click on the “more options” to choose the data-entry alternative.

The company added a new way to log on to a computer working Windows called Web Sign-in, and put Microsoft way too Fast Sign-in, which enables users to log on to the computers, Windows 10 faster than ever, and got the application protection Windows Defender on a new user interface inside the Windows Security allows users to independent adjust the settings of the WDAG without having to change registry keys, and became the handwriting panel is included, which was first introduced with the update the month of April, As a default way to enter text when using the stylus with modern applications.

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