Microsoft introduces Surface Pro 6 uses iPads 2 users Studio 2 in Saudi Arabia

مايكروسوفت تطرح سيرفس برو 6 وسيرفس لاب توب 2 وسيرفس استوديو 2 في السعودية

Microsoft announced the launch of three new devices in the Saudi market from its brand service, the launch of Surface Pro 6 uses iPads 2 users Studio 2 in Saudi Arabia to deliver a new update for users with greater advantages than the previous thanks to the additives of the second generation.

And Anca Ventura, senior director of marketing pack Service have Microsoft Gulf, said that the Kingdom embraces many of the global companies that invest in the technology sector, pointing to the keenness of the Kingdom Permanent Representative on the acquisition and provision of modern technology capable of enabling individuals and organizations to reach the vision of becoming the power technology leader in the region.

She added: ” those innovations that move Microsoft today affordable designed according to the views and requirements of a wide range of users, to meet in turn different needs in all areas.”

مايكروسوفت - سيرفس برو 6

Comes Surface Pro 6 with an internal storage capacity starting from 128 GB of the type “SSD” expandable to 1 TB, in addition to the battery life gives more than 13 hours of continuous work, and comes equipped with processors Intel of the third generation improvement in the strength of his performance by 67% compared with the previous versions, the device is intended to meet the aspirations of the government and private sectors aiming to increase productivity and strengthen their competitiveness in the economic growth of the kingdom. Will the device 3,799 SAR.

سيرفس لاب توب 2 - مايكروسوفت

The service laptop 2 Vita facilities with the vision of the government of the kingdom, which put education at the heart of the vision of the National Economic according to what Microsoft said, where the Surface Laptop the perfect choice to enable students in all stages of study, the device features a status light, design possible next to the battery life of up to more than 14 an hour, knowing that the Friends of the latter outperforms by 85% on the release of the original in terms of speed, it is also equipped with processors of the second generation of Intel, it also has a touch screen with technology PixelSense, which this in turn the quality of the presentation is perfect. It will be priced at 4,199 SAR.

مايكروسوفت - سيرفس استوديو 2

While designed to service a Studio 2 to provide a better experience for designers, architects, illustrators, filmmakers and editors in addition to photographers, as it contains the processing unit, graphics 50% faster. Note that the device update is the first major update of the computer desk that we saw for the first time in 2016, by bringing the device, stylus, offer a unique experience to try the style of writing and drawing in fact. Will come at a price 15,699 SAR.

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