Microsoft is now warning users from using the browser of the third party

Microsoft Edge

Sometimes, uses users to use Windows Integrated browser that comes preinstalled with the operating system like Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. However, often observe that users prefer browsers third-party such as Google Chrome from Google or Firefox from company Mozilla.

However, it seems that Microsoft is feeling the pressure because of it because according to the tweets of the user Sean Hoffman, it appears that Microsoft is warning him not to use the browser of the third party. And Sean Hoffman that when he opens the program to install the browser Firefox, the popup window expecting him. tell him that browser Microsoft Edge the browser is ” safest ” and ” fastest ” for Windows 10.

This may be the pop-up window appeared as an advertisement for the browser Microsoft Edge, but at the bottom of the pop-up window class Microsoft this message as a ” warning ” where users can selection not to ” warn them ” in the future by adjusting the settings. However, this pop-up window does not prevent the user actually use another browser or prevent the installation, but it is safe to say that many users do not feel thrilled because of it.

As we said earlier, this is the first time that we see such the pop-up window, but it seems that they represent a recent development in Windows 10. Needless to say, explained Microsoft has not yet commented on it.

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