Microsoft is preparing to launch the Xbox One in the show with a game Anthem or Division 2

Can the software giant to launch two new offerings for your Xbox One Games S, where include the first set of the game show Anthem while come to the second group, with Division 2.

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Up a lot of possible games to market during the coming period, which comes from the game Anthem which is already available for pre-booking now, along with a game Division 2 from Ubisoft.

With the launch of new games this year using the Microsoft company offers also new for groups of devices include Xbox One with games that are newly launched, and also in time you didn’t know, Microsoft has officially unveiled the continental groups, but that the Xbox One subreddit revealed already about the new offers that appeared on the 100PristavOk is one of the retail stores in Russia.

As projections indicate that the new offerings will officially in the coming weeks after the launch of the Anthem officially on 22nd of February, وDivision 2 in the 15 of the month of March in the markets of the United States.

Also provided to each group unit Xbox One S with a storage capacity of 1 TB, with the remote controller in the games, with one of the new games, which is scheduled to include the first group game Anthem with the Legion of Dawn Edition, while the second group with a game to Division 2.

As it gets users with each view in the set Xbox One to view the experience of free services Microsoft’s different from Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass, also expected to come to each group at a price of about $ 300.


I know of

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