Microsoft is suing Foxconn because of patents on Android and final refuse charges

مايكروسوفت تقاضي Foxconn بسبب براءات اختراع أندرويد والأخيرة ترفض الاتهامات

The Microsoft on Friday to reject a lawsuit on the company Hon Hai which is considered the parent company for Foxconn known manufacture for cutting smart phones in general and their installation are used to labeled the latter in its business, the call comes against the backdrop of the non-payment of final obligations of the intellectual property rights of a number of patents that a license by Microsoft in the former.

The company is Hon Hai from famous companies producing piece of electronics in the world, and through its branches Foxconn and FIH Mobile manufactures cut smartphone companies such as Huawei share as well as Apple TV. The company name Foxconn as a brand to signify their work.

It drew support primarily to the branch FIH Mobile, which vary by the pieces of smartphone companies that use the Android system due to non-payment of the obligations of the patents that were licensed at the beginning of the current decade. Making the head of Foxconn, Terry Guam, the accent heavily on Microsoft’s and that she lived in the shadow behind the Android and that the case should be directed to the strength, not the Les.

Microsoft may license a number of patents for the production of Android phones to companies such as Foxconn China is to Taiwan in 2013, and since that time she gets to the obligations of the company which got the license, but it seems that the Chinese company want out of the agreement.

Worth noting that Microsoft filed a lawsuit similar to that against Samsung in 2015 and ended the case at the time the agreement without disclosing the value of financial payments.

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