Microsoft is talking slack by offering a free copy of the chat service customs Teams

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مايكروسوفت تتحدى سلاك بتقديم نسخة مجانية من خدمة الدردشة الجماعية Teams

Announced the company Microsoft launched a free version of its service for the chat everyone and called the name of the Microsoft teams Microsoft Teams, which promotes direct competition with the chat service slack Slack.

Microsoft has launched Service by Microsoft Teams for the first time in November of 2016, and so far Microsoft hasn’t provided the service only to customers who pay for the subscription in the Office 365 service package of its applications to promote productivity, while providing service slack Slack free options is excellent since its launch in 2014.

Service slack is not the only competitor in team Microsoft, there is a Hangouts Chat, which is part of the package G Suite which is made by Google over the past year after less than six months from unveiled Microsoft service Teams, it also provides also a Facebook chat application to work.

Microsoft announced in March that the number of service users Microsoft teams has reached 200 thousand companies, This is less than half the base of the customer service slack, which reported in May last that the number of its users reached 500 thousand companies.

So the lack of a free version of the service teams Microsoft made it difficult for small businesses and freelancers to use the service because it was limited to the Office 365 subscription. Probably will change all this starting today with the launch of a free version of the service.

Will the free version of the Teams support up to 300 people with messages, chat unlimited, features to search for messages and processes to integrate third party tools, where the eagerness of Microsoft to include Most of the features of Teams that are available with some restrictions that drive people towards subscription in Office 365.

Said Laura Wright, the Director General for collaborative relationships to Office 365: “we wanted to remove all barriers to the use of commercial activities and individuals to our service, I think that people will find ways to use our service in all aspects of their lives whether it is personal or for work, but the service is designed primarily to work”.

I don’t know Microsoft’s free service as a potential less than the potential of the paid version, as is the case with slack service, where will the free version on voice and video calls compact groups, in addition to the integration feature with unlimited apps to add apps like Trello to Microsoft teams. Microsoft says also enable guest access so that anyone can join to Server Microsoft Teams free, with determine the storage capacity of the Files panel to 10 GB, and a storage capacity personal 2 GB for each member.

Compared to the limited free version of the service slack on the 10K message searchable, and 10 processes, integrate applications, and5 GB of file storage capacity, there are no accounts of the guests to “non-member”, and a video call from person to person only, not Group calls.

Will be the free version of the Microsoft Teams are available starting today in 40 different languages, as Microsoft will later this year promoting the free version of the Microsoft teams with smart features, such as the translation of the messages for team members who speak different languages and the way to embed the blur background on video calls to prevent the appearance of messy rooms and other things of others to see.

Perhaps more importantly, the free version difference will prevent the users a way to access some of the Office apps are most prevalent – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – which is integrated directly with the action teams. The customer is also the possibility of storing files of SharePoint and OneDrive.

Not everything is included in the free version, since hosted email through Exchange or Outlook Outlook, still require customers to pay. But there is no guarantee that this feature will need to not customer so that chat applications such as Team and slack Slack is designed to reduce the reliance on email for internal.

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