Microsoft is testing arms control games for mobile devices

With some smart phones with high capacity that makes it eligible to run video games developed, which began to appear newly, come with arms control, both with or as accessories, only to ordinary smart phones rely on a touch screen and the device to play.

And now back to Microsoft is working on the development of Arms Control exist for smartphones on towards turning it into a platform games such as platform Switch from the Nintendo company.

It is the pictures that were posted on the internet we see that it can be linked to arms control on the side of my phones or tablets. Can also be linked to the partial control arm to form a one arm style control arms that platform games Xbox One from Microsoft.

Referred to that this news comes after Google announced late last August on the full support of the control lever prevention of the Xbox One is officially in the latest version of the Android System 9 bei, so after the vulnerability has been fixed that was causing the problem of determining the buttons.

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