Microsoft is three years of updates to the Android Phone Surface Duo dual screen

Surface Duo

Google already provide three years of system updates for the Google Pixel, in the past week, Samsung announced that it will provide three years of updates Android the key to the identity of its leading smart from Galaxy S10 Series. Now, Microsoft has confirmed that its will provide three years of updates the software of the phone Surface Duo dual screen which was launched recently.

This awareness includes updates key system and security updates. This is still little compared with what is provided by Apple to its customers, but due to that users don’t need their smartphones for a long time, we do not believe that this represents a big problem for your potential Phone Surface Duo. Of course, this awareness seems to be normal for that Microsoft requests 1399 USD exchange Surface Duo which includes the technical specifications date back to the year 2019.

To change, the phone Surface Duo featuring my screen OLED display size of 5.6 inch and accurately +FUllHD for each one, and eight-core processor class Snapdragon 855, as well as a battery with a capacity of 3577mAh.

Phone Surface Duo also includes one camera accurately 11 megapixels with lens Girl 2.0 are the top of the screen right next to the LED flash. Microsoft’s promotion for ” zoom Ultra ” with the digital zoom up to ×7. This camera is also capable of recording videos in 4K at the rate of 60 frames per second and come with the technique of EIS.

The most characteristic feature in the Surface to the Duo’s proficiency in multitasking note that this device is running Android 10 and brings with it a special interface Microsoft believes that they will change the rules of play in respect of productivity during development. Re Microsoft maintenance Office apps and OneDrive specifically for Surface Duo, there are applications from third party such as the Kindle made its way to the Surface Duo.

Will Surface Duo also with all the Android apps current and comes with an algorithm of its own that can predict where you want to display the content in which and how to open new apps next to each other.

Provides detailed removable rotation rate of 360 degrees in multiple use cases of the use of different, come both screens with support for the Surface Pen from the Microsoft. Moreover, the Surface Duo are so thin so that its thickness is 9.6 mm only when folded. Despite the small battery capacity, it has been categorized as capable of providing 15.5 hours of watching videos saved in the device and up to 27 hours of talks. Comes Surface Duo as well with the charger strongly 18W.

Memory random Surface Duo with a size of 6GB, whereas the internal memory of 128GB or 256GB note that it is not adjustable via external memory MicroSD. Generally, it will be Surface Duo is available in USA via T-Mobile and AT&T and Verizon. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about the launch date of the device on the global level.


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