Microsoft is trying a new chrome book running Windows Lite OS

Start the Microsoft Corporation from the new in the appropriate operating system Google computers Chrome OS, through Windows Lite OS that comes in a smaller size and clear and smooth to the user.

Windows Lite OS

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Waiting for the Windows operating system in a lot of laptops and desktop available in the market already, but that Microsoft is making constant attempts to compete with the operating system Chrome, which controls most of the educational hardware market.

In the framework of the attempts of software giant continued preparing for the launch of Windows Lite OS, which is a new version separate from the Windows 10 current according to the statements of Petri from Microsoft, however, comes a new experience and clear, smooth and does not differ from the Chrome OS.

Has confirmed the report that came to the details about system Windows Lite OS that smaller-scale copy of the operating system, comes after the company’s attempts to Microsoft’s previous Windows RT, and Windows 10 S, the report also noted that the new system comes the experience of combining the advantages of both systems.

Also scheduled to inspect my new system errors and defects of the previous system running Windows RT, and Windows 10 S, where the system comes a new Application File Manager pre-installed.


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