Microsoft joins forces with Epic Games in its war against Apple

Microsoft released a statement today announcing its support for Epic Games in its war against Apple, explaining that if the problems escalate more and more and the iOS system loses support for the Unreal Engine (developed by Epic), this will harm the gamer community in general and game makers in particular.

This statement came after Epic Games, last Sunday, submitted a document explaining that removing developer features from Epic on iOS and macOS will affect the Unreal Engine in general, an engine that runs millions of games of all sizes.

Note that the talk now is about the Unreal Engine and not Fortnite, and this is after Apple decided to cancel the Epic Games account as a developer of applications and games on its operating systems, and in the event that this happened and reliance on the Unreal Engine was canceled, this will force the games based on it to leave the Apple store or to Completely redeveloped on another game engine! It is a process that takes months.

Source: Android Central

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