Microsoft justify the purchase with $ 1 billion with Open AI development platform Azure

مايكروسوفت تبرم شراكة بـ 1 مليار دولار مع Open AI لتطوير منصة Azure

The company announced Microsoft a little while ago about the conclusion of an exclusive partnership with a company Open AI specialized in the research of artificial intelligence and develop and promote ways to use it, where to invest in Microsoft’s $ 1 billion in the company’s cooperation is material for several years.

Which will Open the AI to follow the development of cloud platform “Azure” to build a platform computerized ultra-performance powered by artificial intelligence.

Under the partnership will Open the AI move its servers to work on the platform Microsoft’s cloud Azure, to show that a strong relationship with giant programming us to be the partner and supplier of the first to provide the artificial intelligence business.

And speaking of the main task behind the cooperation between the two companies they would be building the Azure cloud far advanced metrics and I never work on them, by integrating the formation of models of artificial intelligence and its capabilities gradually.

Will the partnership work on hardware techniques built on Microsoft technologies of computers ultra-high performance, taking into account the work ethic of the joint will and confidence between the parties.

Commented Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft on the partnership with Open AI paying tribute to the capabilities of artificial intelligence to solve problems and challenges in our world today, he added that through this cooperation, building on the combination of artificial intelligence techniques developed for Open AI, and techniques of high performance computing platform Azure can maintain security in this area; in addition to interest thereon on Friday.



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