Microsoft know their projects open source

Launched company Microsoft website a new web – designer based on open source technologies – to showcase how to embrace open source to bring the check, technology and society its customers.

And the software giant, under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella), a lot for its image of the former Warrior of Linux groups, open source software.

With Linux kernel operating system Windows 10 and (GitHub) and the new Android (Surface Duo) and the cloud business as a major source of revenue, the Microsoft is a completely different company than it was 30 years ago when I was afraid to pick up the software open source its intellectual property and its proceeds.

At present, the company has a growing number of open source projects, including code editor on the popular platforms (Visual Studio Code), and (NET Core.), the Programming language (TypeScript) – based JavaScript (JavaScript), tools developer windows new open-source, such as (PowerToys) and (Windows Terminal).

According to the company, uses more than 35,000 engineers in the company (GitHub Enterprise Cloud) to host the projects and samples and official documents open source from Microsoft.

The site also provides in detail the impact team (1ES) in the program Microsoft open-source, where the AIMS team, consisting of about 200 people to improve the engineering processes with Microsoft and then provide these tools and processes for customers, such as virtual file system (Git).

Announced Jeff Wilcox (Jeff Wilcox), Software Engineer Office programs Microsoft open source, new website, and indicates that it was built by the project (Jekyll), open-source, which occupies pages (GitHub).

It also delivers the location of the light on the fund free and open source software from Microsoft (fund FOSS), which allows police to choose collective for open source projects to receive awards sponsorship $ 10,000 throughout the year.

Said Microsoft: testing engineers projects that have a great passion for it, and staff who contribute to open source projects only participate in the selection process.

The company Google has offered to earlier this month their contributions in open-source software programs, revealed that approximately 12,500 employees at Google help in writing code for common and modified.

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