Microsoft launches application to ” Spend ” on the iOS platform to help you manage your expenses


Are you looking for a way to manage your expenses up? There are many applications available which are more than able to accomplish the task, but it seems that Microsoft has decided to throw her hat in the ring, where the company launched its own app to manage expenses for iOS devices simply holds the name of the ” Spend “.

Take into consideration that this app was developed by a team of Microsoft Garage that works mainly on pilot projects, this means that you will likely not get this app to resources and full support which you get applications and other services, a subsidiary of Microsoft, such as Office for example, but not limited to. However, this does not mean that the app isn’t useful or good, but should be taken of its nature quasi-experimental into consideration to manage your expectations.

Having said that, the application of Spend seem interesting based on one of its features, namely the ability to track your expenses and match them automatically. Will the App be able to track your expenses from a credit card or bank account associated with the, Where can be divided as personal expenditure or business, and classified automatically.

Just like most apps tracking expenses, will be able to Spend also create reports and export them as PDF files or spreadsheets. Now, what if you feel comfortable submitting credit card information and banking information to investigate, it is up to you, although we imagine that this may require after discharge, but we recognize that will help you keep track of your expenses. Spend is free application can be downloaded from the App Store for those who live in the United States.



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