Microsoft launches car racing game free play with the mouse only


When we say car racing game, the first thing occurred to us to control buttons on the keyboard such as trends, fuel, brakes, etc., but Microsoft has a new idea for a control with the mouse only which is what you want to prove with its game Miami Street.

The game is available for free from the Microsoft store and Windows 10. All you need to play by the mouse and through the left button you can control the fuel and agitated to enter the turns and even the use of supplements speed.

Of course you shouldn’t compare this game side by side car games integrated, such as Need for Speed, but its a new idea can take a look at it especially that they don’t need to the specifications of high technical to operate it and most importantly it is available for free.

And Microsoft they will add more content with time as a wider selection of cars and other things to improve the gameplay experience.

The game was developed in collaboration with studio Electric Square and is currently available in some countries via the app store, but it will be available in more areas gradually soon.

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