Microsoft launches Office application new for Windows users 10

مايكروسوفت تُطلق تطبيق أوفيس الجديد لمستخدمي ويندوز 10

The company launched the Microsoft for users of Windows 10 a new application to serve its well-known office, to replace the application of its “My Office” present in the store, without it this app offers a new simple interface for paid applications office Free Online, also announced its intention to launch apps Dynamics 365 en targeting enterprise operating systems for Android and iOS, where this app is only available on the Microsoft HoloLens, but the company is now looking to expand distribution to increase the ease of use.

In relation to the application of the new SoftMaker Office, after the install it will give users all Office 365 applications already installed and applications that can be installed, as it provides quick access to applications and services office the most common, as well as his support of free versions of online Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

In this context the company says that their application of this will be released to all users over the next few weeks, it is installed automatically as an update in the development of My Office, you can also download the app from the Microsoft Store, that works with any of the subscriptions in Office 365 and Office 2019 and Office 2016 and Office Online.

In regard to the applications of Dynamics 365 En on iOS and Android, the company has indicated that it will be available for preview in April next, and most notable apps here application Dynamics 365 Remote Assist which will allow smartphone users to send the video on to be able to the recipient of the annotations, which will appear in the AR.

Finally will the users of iOS only on another application called the Product Visualize it is a tool to display model en products as complex as cars and machines, where manufacturers can use this tool to create models en products aim to help customers get an idea of what it is.

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