Microsoft launches Skype application new desktop

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The company launched the Microsoft today version 8.0 of its application Messaging Skype Skype, so that analysis of the new version replaces the previous version 7.0, which also known as Skype classic Skype classic, according to the Company , this version will not work by the first date of September 2018, and comes after the software giant meet the wishes of users through the process of redesigning the app which was launched last year.

The company is trying to proceed through a number of its features new for other platforms, including computers and the desktop, offering women a new a variety of features such as HD video, screen sharing during the calls, and to support the reference to the users within the chat, and media talks, and share files and volumes of up to 300 Mbps, and more.

The company to add many more features this summer, including support for calls, encrypted voice, text and file sharing, plus call recording feature built-in, come to version 8.0 after the issuance of the company’s update to the Skype app on the desktop in the last autumn, with a major focus on upgrade the visual elements of the new design such as color coding in the chat messages and emoji for the Feedback.

This also includes women also know the media chat support file sharing, which are features that describe the company today in the newspaper, but they may be reached earlier Desktop Users, although Skype still has about 300 million monthly users, but it is no longer growing.

The app was no longer previously as an application of the most popular spices, but faced increasing competition for years from applications such as FaceTime and other applications for text messages and calls like Messenger and WhatsApp, in addition to apps facing a new business like slack Slack.

And Microsoft the application process re-design through the past year to better compete with the rest of the applications, which made this process a number of social features that seem to target younger user base, including a feature comparable to feature the story.

Focus version computers desktop features compatible with the consumer, with additional support for video calls HD (1080×1920 pixels), which can include up to 24 people, in addition to the feature support reference to the users within the chat inspired by the Twitter platform.

And Microsoft said that Skype will receive later this summer to support the feature to invite friends to join you on Skype through your personal files, and read notifications and receipt messages, and links to groups for talks, calls, and other features.

Include the most important additions to the next experience encrypted from end-to-end, where being secure voice calls within Skype, text messages, and shared files such as image files, audio and video using a protocol Signal standard, and will also hide messages and notifications in conversations and encrypted chat list to preserve the privacy of the connection.

As the application gets the call recording feature is included, where is used to many users of Skype add-ons from third parties to record calls, which is what prompted Microsoft to make this feature integrated within the app officially, you will be saved call recording in the cloud, alerting everyone in the call as being under the label, so for privacy reasons legal.

According to Microsoft, the recorded calls include video views and its subsidiaries for all present in the conversation, presumably to soon reach version 8.0 of the Skype application to users computers and iPad Tablet who possess features such as communications policy, custom themes, and a list of chat and more.

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