Microsoft launches Surface Duo for sale on 10 September at a price of 1399 USD

I started the software giant Microsoft today to receive pre orders in the US market for its representative dual-Surface Duo, which applies at a price of 1399 USD, and is available in market starting from 10 September.

Available phone landed of a representative dual-Surface Duo today for pre-booking at the company AT&T and via the Microsoft official site and Best Buy.

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Microsoft had had unveiled the phone Surface Duo to the network dual for the first time during the month of October last year, however, the software giant did not explain the details of this version is accurate in its declaration first.

Features Surface Duo-screen OLED double the size of 5.6 inches and has a display resolution of 1800 in 1350 pixels, the dimensions of 4:3, as relating to the two screens with a device the size of 8.1 inch resolution and a 2700 in the 1800’s pixel dimensions 3:2.

As different Surface Duo from flip phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold of Samsung, where the device uses the Surface Duo layer protection glass Gorilla Glass, also are designed to screen for the same experience of computers and windows with multiple monitors.

Also supports Microsoft Surface Duo Camera featured accurately 11 megapixel and lens f/2.0, which comes to style night vision automatic, style HDR with frames multiple, with a zoom super up to 7 times, also let the camera record 4K video at 30 frames per second, and accurately 1080p at 60 frames per second, also supports the camera feature electronic stabilization, it also could be the cable that supports the user in video calls or as a camera key on the device.

Also featuring Surface Duo processor chip Snapdragon 855, comes memory random 6 GB RAM and storage capacity of 256 GB, and also supports LTE networks in the companies T-Mobile, and AT&T, and Verizon, except that this version does not support connection networks 5G.

And Microsoft Surface Duo with a lid to protect the device in the content box, it also has a Surface Duo two batteries that are divided between the two screens ability 3577 mAh average of the two batteries together, as Microsoft asserts that the battery will enter the user’s age charge throughout the day or up to 15.5 hours, or 10 days on standby, 27 hours for voice calls.

Also from the article that supports your Surface Duo Run All the apps landed without any modification, thanks to the screen separate device, but Microsoft emphasizes the ability to update apps to take full advantage of the dual screen in the phone.

On the other hand, conducted the software giant some modifications to the app of your company such as the Office suite and OneDrive to support dual screens, as well as Amazon application Kindle update new support e-reading that trying to book.

And Microsoft Surface Duo Boards work on forecasting the user in the open apps between one screen or the use of the two screens, as the screen will display the second to run the second app when you click on the link to apply in the first screen, for example.


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